Monday, October 03, 2005

To work or not to work that is the question

I knew when i got here two month ago that i want to work doing what i like best, and that is technology, i can't seem myself in another sectors. Most people who come here to Kuwait don't do that, they simply want to work, and they end up wasting years of their life working to get experience in jobs they don't like. When i got here i knew i can either apply to proffessional and well established companies, or join a startup company. With a startup i thought i would be able to grow with that company as it grows. So i applied and i was accepted, we agreed on terms such as the salary and the visa etc.... and i started to work, i really enjoyed working there, it was somewhat professional, but in the end it was a one man show, one person runs everything, and i ended up sitting at my desk all day long doing nothing but taking orders and following them through. I didn't complain, i am a fresh graduate not a manager. Then things have started to change, the amount of work i was entrusted with grew, and the type of that work was not within my job description.. Oh great they finally paid attention to my skills and abilities i thought to myself. I was happy, with this kind of work i can prove myself in no time and hopefully get somewhere from here. The period of evaluation ended and it was time to sign the contract... And here is where things changed, while i was anticipating more rewards for my efforts and a good contract, i ended up getting more responsibilites for less salary... What the heck, why are they doing that ... there reason was well things are changing in this country, we can't pay you what we promised u in the beginning, and we can't give u a Visa (oh yeah they said they would do this for me).... But we really want you to stay with us .... I am not gonna say what the salary was but it was low ... i am an honour's graduate for god's sake.... i am not asking for a lot but i have my standards and i wont go beneath those. So I QUIT... yes I QUIT.... Now i am sitting home looking for jobs, and aiming for the big companies , while the salary may not be that much higher but i know if i stay with the company i will reach places hopefully and even if i leave it to go somewhere else it would be someplace better........ My Visa is being taken care of by my father (god bless him) and i have enough time to study my options and decide best where i want to go ........ I never thought i will say this before, but i really want to work, after experiencing working i found out it was interesting , everyday something new, and new problems to solve......


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