Monday, October 10, 2005

:S what the .....

Me and shopping for cloth .... I go wanting to buy something, but i end up buying something totally different ... I went to centre point wanting to buy 2 white t-shirts, i ended up getting a polo styled black shirt, a grey Lee Cooper Original Blend T-shirt and a cap ... I need to start controlling my self, I can't go out with money in my pocket and not spend anything... I always have something i want to buy .. I wasn't like this, maybe because back in Lebanon i used to get broke at the 10th of the month lol .... Yeah i need to control myself. Work Update: I am still searching for work, i am looking into everything Graphic Design Companies, Marketing and Advertising, Web Design, Communication, Banks etc... I calmed down when i found out that most of the companies i went to need someone with my degree and my qualifications, i still have to sit tight for a while and give it some thinking to see where i want to work, because unlike a lot of people i am seeing in this country i dun like to change work that often, the company i work with is one i will stay with for a long time. You know i need a company where i will be comfortable ... someplace i would like to go to everyday , not a place where i want to get out of as soon as the colck hits 5:00 PM ........


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