Friday, October 07, 2005

Beach Buggies :S

So yeah this Thursday the Bloggers monthly meetup ...... It was so cool seeing all the new faces and all .....A lot of difference compared to last month's meeting ... It was nice again to match the right person to the right blog lol.... I came in with William from http://americathedistant.blogspot.com/ , and a good friend of his whom i enjoyed talking to he is a cool lebanese dude ... i am finally meeting some interesting people here, well i hope we can be friends :) .... we then went me william his friend and another kuwaiti friend to Kempinski and rented some Beach Buggies.. I tell u it was my first time on a beach buggy, i was so excited... soooo excited that i smashed into a pole after like 10 minutes or something... i swear i was on the desert trying to go up on the road and i wasn't very good at controlling the buggy so i ended smashing it up into the pole... Thank god Will had some money to pay the guy or else it was back home to get the money and then go back to Kempinski that's like a 2 hour drive alone... but after all we spent like 2 very fun hours on the Buggies ... it was one good experience .. but i swear lol ... the feeling of me flying in the air after hitting that pole .... it was something else adrenaline was pumping in my viens as fear escalated of something bad happening to my body, i could have easily broken a body part lol ... but it went alright... and i had a blast afterwards.. i would do it again anytime .......... The guys were extra cool .... Will was American, me and an other guy are Lebanese and there was a cool kuwaiti guy too ... we had a good time, then we went to have something to eat before sohoor and got back home .... they are the kind of people i like to hang out with so..... fingers crossed i hope things go well.. anyway i got to go right now ... see ya laterz......... PS: Symbols http://chroniclesofafemalethinkingoutloud.blogspot.com/ has a published article in this month's issue of Bazaar about breast cancer, be sure to check it out and show her your support :) You go Symbols...... Laterz dudes


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