Wednesday, October 26, 2005

May the Force Be With you

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You? This is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Monday, October 24, 2005

Long time since i felt that!!!!!!!

Eyes of Tranquility The world was my limit, In it were a lot of things I wanted to do, A lot of places I wanted to go, Life in this country was unbearable to me, I was simply counting the seconds till I ready my bags and leave. Just when I thought everything was lost, Just when I thought I would be stuck here forever, A miracle swept me off my feet, It was so fast that I couldn’t stop and see what is happening to me. One day I was mad, One day I was sad, Next thing she is standing their above me with a smile, Her eyes captivated me and I couldn’t move out of her sight. At that moment I stood still and thought, Fuck the world for what it would give me, All the things I want from life are right there in her eyes. Delusions of an Insomniac How can it be that someone can open the doors of my life wide open? How can it be that one person would remove the barriers that I have spent years building to protect me from people in a glance? A person whom I think of everyday from the moment I wake up, till the last second before I fall to sleep. A person that gave me back my dreams. Dreams filled of me and her lips that speak soft sweetness, a touch that mends the worst of aches, and hands that when wrapped around me breathe life into my tired body. Never have I fallen so quickly for someone, but she is someone who brings joy into my life. She holds my heart in her hands, a heart that hasn’t been given to away for anyone before. There is nothing that I wish for more than to wake up every morning with the sound of your breathe on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin. That and the feeling of your heart knowing it is beating in mine knowing that I can never find that feeling with someone other than you.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

How Geek Are You

My computer geek score is greater than 60% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out! This is how Geeky i tunred out to be .... damn i need to be geekier...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I pwn U

Whether your a pro gamer, serious or n00b you are going to enjoy this .... PurePwnage is an online only video series that deals with the lives of pro gamers...... It tackles such interesting subject as would you date a pro gamer, to the final lanageddon... One of the funniest series out there.. It is free for direct download, bittorent, and gives u the option to download subtitles ina number of different languages, only 8 episodes out till now but will be on the way... Visit Site Here

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tagged By William

1. Last movie you saw in a theater? Lilo And Stitch ( come on i was taking my young cousin to watch them, she really likes them) 2. What book are you reading? My Company's Human Resource Management Guide Book 3. Favorite board game? Risk, and that one where u end up knowing a whole lot about ur friend's fantasies or stuff! 4.Favorite magazine? Digital Home Magazine. 5. Favorite smell? Gasoline 6. Favorite food? Burgers, Pizzas, and Chinese 7. Favorite sound? The Sound of Silence, or the sound of really wild and crazy music. 8. Worst feeling in the world? Loneliness 9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? 5 more minutes of sleep wont hurt!!!!! 10. Favorite fast food place? Burger King 11. Future child's name? If it's a girl "Carmen" if it's a boy i let my wife decide :D 12. Finish this statement. If I had a lot of money:I would throw it all away travelling around the world. 13. Do you drive fast? I hate driving, i only do it because i need to get from point A to point B , i think speeding is reckless, slow down people or else you will all die die die 14. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? :S what the .... nop, not anymore 15. Storms cool or scary? Awesome! 16. What was your first car? Volkswagen Beetle 17. Favorite drink? Pepsi or Coke it doesn't matter they are both the same. 18. Finish this statement, "If I had the time I would...":Learn CSS, and some Flash watch all the movies and series that i have not seen yet.... 19. Do you eat the stems on broccoli? I hate broccoli ewwwwwwwwwwww 20. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice? Orange with some purple :D 21. Name all the different cities/ towns you have lived in?Tripoli, Beirut (Lebanon), Athens(Greece), Dubai (Emirates), Salwa (Kuwait) 22. Half empty or half full? The glass has been broken for a long time guys, give it up 23. Favorite sports to watch? Pool (It's a sport dammit!) 24. One nice thing about the person who tagged you? Funny as hell 25. Morning person, or night owl? Night owl, all the way. 26. Over easy, or sunny side-up? I dunno ... never thought of it 27. Favorite place to relax? With friends and lots of alcohol. 28. Favorite pie?Apple Pie! I think i will tag Symbols today

Monday, October 17, 2005

Blue Bugatti and an angel Tattoo

Dunkin Donuts was my regular hangout place in Lebanon, until Dunkin Donuts Salmiya opens Starbucks temporarily became my hangout place. And two things i saw in StarBucks made me go lalalalal ... very happy to see .... A blue Bugatti which is like totally awesome ...

And the other thing is the Tattoo girl.. this Hot girl i dunno if she was Kuwaiti or not rather i dun care, but she had this sweet nice Angel Tattoo on her chest between her two breasts... Boy she was a sight for sore eyes... gurl whom ever u are i salute u..... way to go... and keep it up

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rant all u want .............

Listening to Natilie Cordone - Chuigivara -- My clock is telling me it's 6:09 am i should probably wake up, but hey wait i am already up, actually i never got to sleep at all. Bad for my body you say, well who cares i smoke, that is bad for my body too huh. The time off from work gave me a lot of time to think about how my life is unfolding. Life is a big adventure on its own. Was this how i thought my life would be like 4 years ago, not a fat chance in hell. If i were to do as i planned to do i would be in China right now teaching them english and mathematics, learning about a new culture and meeting a lot of new people. Instead i am here in Kuwait, and does it suck, well........................ not a single bit. I am happy about it. Kuwait is cool, and it is becoming cooler with time, some people might think i am crazy or something, but if u look work heard and be sincere with urself and others you would enjoy it to. I am a people person, i like the feeling of being surrounded by a lot of people, although i tell you if u see me you wont believe it,I am silent almost all the time, i don't like to speak a lot. This was something that really bothered me. I am new here and i don't know anyone.... but turns out that it wasn't that hard meeting nice people who one can hang out with. I worry too much and try too hard. I am afraid i mess things up because i try hard *see this is me worrying a lot* But hopefully things are turning out good..... Finally .... What do you think about this people... do you think you can develop feelings for someone online ... I am confused about this subject ? what do you think!! A good person gave me a link to this website http://funnypics.cc/media/create_your_avatar.php It is really interesting .... i guess these are a couple of avatars that i think represent my personality hehehe..... wELL In a WaY ActUaLLy

Monday, October 10, 2005

A visa to google???

Lol well i wasn't too surprised to see this piece of information .. Google apparently is going to buy an island in the pacific which is shaped like the letter G .. Googland Republic will be the name of the island and Dr. Eric E. Schmidt, Google CEO, will soon be named "Googland Republic President" while other senior management officials will be ministers.

So will we be needing a visa to google from now on hihihihihihih... More on this here [Link]

:S what the .....

Me and shopping for cloth .... I go wanting to buy something, but i end up buying something totally different ... I went to centre point wanting to buy 2 white t-shirts, i ended up getting a polo styled black shirt, a grey Lee Cooper Original Blend T-shirt and a cap ... I need to start controlling my self, I can't go out with money in my pocket and not spend anything... I always have something i want to buy .. I wasn't like this, maybe because back in Lebanon i used to get broke at the 10th of the month lol .... Yeah i need to control myself. Work Update: I am still searching for work, i am looking into everything Graphic Design Companies, Marketing and Advertising, Web Design, Communication, Banks etc... I calmed down when i found out that most of the companies i went to need someone with my degree and my qualifications, i still have to sit tight for a while and give it some thinking to see where i want to work, because unlike a lot of people i am seeing in this country i dun like to change work that often, the company i work with is one i will stay with for a long time. You know i need a company where i will be comfortable ... someplace i would like to go to everyday , not a place where i want to get out of as soon as the colck hits 5:00 PM ........

Friday, October 07, 2005

Beach Buggies :S

So yeah this Thursday the Bloggers monthly meetup ...... It was so cool seeing all the new faces and all .....A lot of difference compared to last month's meeting ... It was nice again to match the right person to the right blog lol.... I came in with William from http://americathedistant.blogspot.com/ , and a good friend of his whom i enjoyed talking to he is a cool lebanese dude ... i am finally meeting some interesting people here, well i hope we can be friends :) .... we then went me william his friend and another kuwaiti friend to Kempinski and rented some Beach Buggies.. I tell u it was my first time on a beach buggy, i was so excited... soooo excited that i smashed into a pole after like 10 minutes or something... i swear i was on the desert trying to go up on the road and i wasn't very good at controlling the buggy so i ended smashing it up into the pole... Thank god Will had some money to pay the guy or else it was back home to get the money and then go back to Kempinski that's like a 2 hour drive alone... but after all we spent like 2 very fun hours on the Buggies ... it was one good experience .. but i swear lol ... the feeling of me flying in the air after hitting that pole .... it was something else adrenaline was pumping in my viens as fear escalated of something bad happening to my body, i could have easily broken a body part lol ... but it went alright... and i had a blast afterwards.. i would do it again anytime .......... The guys were extra cool .... Will was American, me and an other guy are Lebanese and there was a cool kuwaiti guy too ... we had a good time, then we went to have something to eat before sohoor and got back home .... they are the kind of people i like to hang out with so..... fingers crossed i hope things go well.. anyway i got to go right now ... see ya laterz......... PS: Symbols http://chroniclesofafemalethinkingoutloud.blogspot.com/ has a published article in this month's issue of Bazaar about breast cancer, be sure to check it out and show her your support :) You go Symbols...... Laterz dudes

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The only thing macs are good for

100$ Laptop

The MIT Media Laboratory expects to launch a prototype of its US$100 laptop in November, according to Nicholas Negroponte, the lab’s chairman and co-founder. The facility has been working with industry partners to develop a notebook computer for use by children in primary and secondary education around the world, particularly in developing countries. The laptops should start appearing in volume in late 2006.

“In emerging nations, the issue isn’t connectivity,” Negroponte said at the Emerging Technologies Conference on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Cambridge campus Wednesday. “That’s not solved, but lots of people are working on it in Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, etc. For education, the roadblock is laptops.” He and his colleagues believe that equipping all children in the world with their own laptop will greatly improve the level of education and help stimulate children to learn outside of school as well as in the classroom.


The laptop can be powered either with an AC adapter or via a wind-up crank, which is stored in the housing of the laptop where the hinge is located. The laptops will have a 10 to 1 crank rate, so that a child will crank the handle for one minute to get 10 minutes of power and use. When closed, the hinge forms a handle and the AC cord can function as a carrying strap, according to Negroponte. The laptops will be ruggedized and probably made of rubber, he said. They will have four USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports, be Wi-Fi- and cell phone enabled and come with 1GB of memory.

Source [http://thedesired.net/]

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A trip on memory lane .... My going away dinner

That's the attitude man :) Hanz i miss ya dude...My Favourite Cousin... Sophiee... is hassan still bothering u ;)
I swear i can't have another shot that's like 8 already comeon guys
And yet another round of B52 shots
I swear i couldn't count my fingures back then
Yeah yeah Nafekh 3alayha tanjali right Sami ..... U SOB u never get Drunk....
Shu Ya 7akeem Mabayan Ntafet ma3ak :P
Ah i just wish people are all like my friends, and don't make judgements on their own... I hate people who talk for the sake of talking .... U know who you are people...

Monday, October 03, 2005

To work or not to work that is the question

I knew when i got here two month ago that i want to work doing what i like best, and that is technology, i can't seem myself in another sectors. Most people who come here to Kuwait don't do that, they simply want to work, and they end up wasting years of their life working to get experience in jobs they don't like. When i got here i knew i can either apply to proffessional and well established companies, or join a startup company. With a startup i thought i would be able to grow with that company as it grows. So i applied and i was accepted, we agreed on terms such as the salary and the visa etc.... and i started to work, i really enjoyed working there, it was somewhat professional, but in the end it was a one man show, one person runs everything, and i ended up sitting at my desk all day long doing nothing but taking orders and following them through. I didn't complain, i am a fresh graduate not a manager. Then things have started to change, the amount of work i was entrusted with grew, and the type of that work was not within my job description.. Oh great they finally paid attention to my skills and abilities i thought to myself. I was happy, with this kind of work i can prove myself in no time and hopefully get somewhere from here. The period of evaluation ended and it was time to sign the contract... And here is where things changed, while i was anticipating more rewards for my efforts and a good contract, i ended up getting more responsibilites for less salary... What the heck, why are they doing that ... there reason was well things are changing in this country, we can't pay you what we promised u in the beginning, and we can't give u a Visa (oh yeah they said they would do this for me).... But we really want you to stay with us .... I am not gonna say what the salary was but it was low ... i am an honour's graduate for god's sake.... i am not asking for a lot but i have my standards and i wont go beneath those. So I QUIT... yes I QUIT.... Now i am sitting home looking for jobs, and aiming for the big companies , while the salary may not be that much higher but i know if i stay with the company i will reach places hopefully and even if i leave it to go somewhere else it would be someplace better........ My Visa is being taken care of by my father (god bless him) and i have enough time to study my options and decide best where i want to go ........ I never thought i will say this before, but i really want to work, after experiencing working i found out it was interesting , everyday something new, and new problems to solve......

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hand Crank your IPOD

Are you afriad that someday your IPOD will die out on you in the middle of a workout or in traffic, here is a small project u can undergo to create a Handcrank that uses ur muscles to provide the Ipod with power....... [Read all about it here]

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Who said expensive is good!

One of my favourite technology reporters Bill Machrone (http://www.go.pcmag.com/machrone). Based on his tests with PC Magazine he came up with the conlusion that the IPOD shuffle has the best audio output on the market. He used common audio test techniques to quantify such factors as frequency response, harmonic distortion, and maximum loudness. Here are the test results starting with the best : -IPOD Shuffle -Creatiev Zen Micro -Dell DJ 20 -15 GB Apple IPOD (Third Generation) -Apple IPOD Mini So :) i am happy about this ...My beloved Shuffle is the best after all..... when choosing an audio player i guess sound quality should be the number one thing to look for on a list [Read Entire Article Here]

The W850 (SAKURA) and P950 spy shots from SonyEricsson

SonyEricsson .... In my opinion the best Mobile phone makers out there... Nokia is for consumers, it is mainstream, outdated technolgies, and very uncool designs, and everyday Nokia has a new model on the market. Sony Ericsson on the other way take their time perfecting their phones, you hardly find any bugs or glitches in them, and well bluetooth, animated gifs, and cameras they came up with them first, and the interface simply wow..... ah well i can go on and on about this here are some pictures of the newest SE phone models, the P950 and the W850 Sakura....... P950 spy shots W850 (Sakura) Black W850 (Sakura) White

Advertising Bible unwritten rules

Men are tired of their portrayal in advertising, according to a new book by Michael Buerk. But images of men behaving stupidly is not the only cliche which irritates writer John Camm. Dad in muddy boots walking blithely across a kitchen floor just cleaned by an exasperated mum who just gives a frustrated but loving smile to her giggly children, who cry out: "Da-a-ad!". Just one advertising cliche, and just one where no-one behaves like people really do. It's the kind of thing which irritates John Camm. "It's tiresome to see male characters in adverts who don't resemble anyone you know," he says. "But what's perhaps worse is the absolute reliance of advertising on its own regurgitated cliches." He has drawn up a list of seemingly unwritten rules which, he concludes, might as well be the Advertising Bible. Add your views to his list at the foot of the page. 1. Men are obsessed with sex but will forego sex in order to watch football or drink beer. 2. Women are locked in a constant battle with their weight/body shape/hairstyle. 3. Career success is entirely based on your ability to impress your boss. 4. Mums are often harassed but NEVER depressed/unable to cope. 5. Any act of male stupidity (e.g. walking across a clean floor in muddy boots, putting the dog in the dishwasher, etc.) will be met with a wry smile, not genuine annoyance/anger. 6. Married men will flirt with other, younger women but NEVER act upon it. 7. Anyone with a scientific career will have a bad haircut and dreadful clothes. 8. If you work for the emergency services, you are a better person than the general population. 9. Elderly relatives NEVER suffer from senile dementia. 10. Scandinavians are, without exception, blonde and beautiful. 11. Women have jobs they never do in real life, e.g. dockworker (who looks like a model). 12. Children will not eat fruit or vegetables. Ever. 13. Both men and women find driving deeply pleasurable, never boring or stressful. 14. Men are inherently lazy/slobbish; women are the reverse. 15. Chocolate, however, will cause women to immediately fall into the languor of the opium eater. 16. High Street bank staff are (A) friends of the customers, and (B) of slightly above-average attractiveness (only if female). 17. Modern men own a cat. 18. Hot beverages have miraculous rejuvenating effects. 19. Professional people have strangely trivial preoccupations, e.g. a female barrister who is morbidly obsessed with finding a healthy snack bar. 20. All women (except stay-at-home housewives) have interesting and enjoyable careers. 21. Any over-the-counter medical product will work instantly and 100% effectively. 22. Children know more than adults. 23. Women never merely hop in and out of the shower, instead preferring to act out some sort of soapy Dance of the Seven Veils. 24. School is a happy experience for all children. 25. Tortilla chips are the most exciting experience any group of young people can experience. 26. Playing bingo is THE number one pastime among 18-25 year old British women.