Thursday, September 29, 2005

Updates to the Blog

Well i am not that much into changing templates and stuff, and i dun think i will ever move to my own hosting, domain or use wordpress or any blogging tools, i just use my blog to share views about my hobbies, see if people are interested and know those people. One thing i always wanted is to be able to have a forum where people from the same country or area with similar hobbies can share their experience and thoughts about it together, we would get to know each other and know more about these hobbies .... so there it is free, it is bulky, and contains some popups ... sorry guys ... but i hope we can put it in good use, that is if anyone decides to post hihihihihihiihihih... anyway have fun the link is on the right under PERSONAL LINKS or you can access it here ..... [link]


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