Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In Rome do as the Romans do

Listening to : Acid Jazz- One Starry Night (Funk's Drum n Bass kettle Version) Quote: If a problem has a solution you don't have to worry, if a problem doesn't have a solution then there is no need worrying. Life in Kuwait, well what can i say. So far things have been going ok, i slipped into the routine everyone has slipped to before me. I wake up everyday at 7:00 AM between having a shower, wearing my cloth and grabbing some quick sips of Nescafe and quickly burning a cigi i head to work to later than 7:45 AM, I arrive there at about 8:15 people are telling me that when schools start i will arrive much later, so i'm gonna have to wake up earlier. I enjoy the drive to work, it is soothing and relaxing i can simply doze off anywhere i want to really. By the way there are a lot of hot women on Gulf Road in the morning;) this keeps me from getting bored. Work officially starts at 8:30 but i like to come early i hate hearing anything from anyone about punctuality or anything else like this..... I go in make myself a cup of Nescafe, hook my laptop to the network .... and start checking out my favourite sites, and downloading the new webcomics. at about 9:00 AM work officially starts and from that time till like 1:00 PM i am overwhelmed with work and simply i can't go about doing anything else. At 1:00 it is the usual lunch and well browsing the godness that is the company's servers, strange things u find on there, old mp3's funny movies, pictures, and get this before the company was connected to the net employees used to write word documents and leave them for each other on the server...... Everyday i explore a new thingie.... Well after lunch at 2:00 that is .... work will continue again until 5 PM where i simply pack everything up and drag myselft home.... Once home there is nothing i can really do.. i am to tired to go out, to tired to concentrate on reading, i used to read a lot but right now i can't seem to get myself to finish a book. The only thing i can do is either turn on the PS2 or Desktop PC to play games or ..... Watch TV. Then when my parents come back from there work, we simply have dinner, watch a movie or some TV talk with each other and we all go to sleep.... I need friends lol.... but you got me there, how is it possible to meet new people and getting friends if i work from 9 to 5 every single day, and even if i manage to drag myself after 5 to go sit somewhere or anythin, Kuwait simply ain't Lebanon i can't simply go talk with someone, cos unlike Lebanon where the worst thing happening is her telling me no, it might cause a big scene or something.. I hope this problem is solved soon:S Life .... is a journey ..... Journey my ass :D


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