Friday, September 30, 2005

Adagio For Strings

Acid Night Club - Sin el Fil - Lebanon...... It was a night i can never forgot ... The night i reached my Nirvana.... The night i had my extacy .... I was already filled with alcohol, the bunch of us me and my friends were dancing crazy. Everyone in the club were equal, no males no females, no gays no lesbians, no transexuals, everyone was simply enjoying the music and letting out all their week's frustrations. I am a big fan for anything electronic.... the base banging in the large club hall and echoing off the walls.... the sweat covering everyone ... the look in everyone's eyes, the smiles on their face.... All variables of an equations that helped me reach my extacy.... Alive was fading out, Adagio for strins was fading in ..... i couldn't help but standing still... the base was beating and a creepy shill crept along my spine.... the hair on the back of my neck stood .... everyone were jumping, screaming and laughing... a smile drew on my face watching everyone around me. At that moment i was one with the music. I felt every vibe, every twitch every single thing around me was going through me .. i was emersed in my surrounding ... we all became one... One huge living, breathing creature having fun. It was a feeling of pure hapiness... sheer joy .... no worries just happiness.... people spend fortunes on drugs to reach this feeling, but there i was after spending the last of my 30$ on a tequilla shot , there i was feeling and embracing exctasy ..... It felt as long as a life time... In reality it was just a matter of seconds .... a couple of seconds that i will hold dear to my heart forever. Never will i be in that situation again , you might say i can go again to the same club with the same people, listen to the same music and live that feeling.... I Can't ... how do i know i can't say... But the difference is that i got to have that feeling... even if it was for once ......... Party On People!!!! Embrace the good things in life, and dun care what others may say or think of u.


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