Friday, September 30, 2005

Adagio For Strings

Acid Night Club - Sin el Fil - Lebanon...... It was a night i can never forgot ... The night i reached my Nirvana.... The night i had my extacy .... I was already filled with alcohol, the bunch of us me and my friends were dancing crazy. Everyone in the club were equal, no males no females, no gays no lesbians, no transexuals, everyone was simply enjoying the music and letting out all their week's frustrations. I am a big fan for anything electronic.... the base banging in the large club hall and echoing off the walls.... the sweat covering everyone ... the look in everyone's eyes, the smiles on their face.... All variables of an equations that helped me reach my extacy.... Alive was fading out, Adagio for strins was fading in ..... i couldn't help but standing still... the base was beating and a creepy shill crept along my spine.... the hair on the back of my neck stood .... everyone were jumping, screaming and laughing... a smile drew on my face watching everyone around me. At that moment i was one with the music. I felt every vibe, every twitch every single thing around me was going through me .. i was emersed in my surrounding ... we all became one... One huge living, breathing creature having fun. It was a feeling of pure hapiness... sheer joy .... no worries just happiness.... people spend fortunes on drugs to reach this feeling, but there i was after spending the last of my 30$ on a tequilla shot , there i was feeling and embracing exctasy ..... It felt as long as a life time... In reality it was just a matter of seconds .... a couple of seconds that i will hold dear to my heart forever. Never will i be in that situation again , you might say i can go again to the same club with the same people, listen to the same music and live that feeling.... I Can't ... how do i know i can't say... But the difference is that i got to have that feeling... even if it was for once ......... Party On People!!!! Embrace the good things in life, and dun care what others may say or think of u.

100 things u should know about me

1-Clubbbing is my life, there is nothing that would make me happier then a night out dancing. 2-I enjoy drinking, it gives me a great sensation which helps me enjoy dancing. 3-I trust people blindly although this lead to me getting stabbed in the back a lot of times. 4-Most of my Girl Friends treat me as their brother. 5-I hate being treated as a brother by girls. 6-I love japanese animation. 7-I hate people who think i am wierd for loving Japanese Animation. 8-i wish i can in anyway possible be with the girl i love from back home. 9-I hate the way people from different nationalities treat eachother in Kuwait. 10-I Know i can never get in a relationship in Kuwait, social life in this country is plain wierd. 11-I came to Kuwait to work. 12-I enjoy fast food a lot. 13-Burger King is my favourite FastFood court. 14-I like techie stuff. 15-I enjoy buying new mobile phones and IPODS. 16-I have a hobby of buying swords online. 17-I can never see a friend in need, i always have to help them. 18-Sometimes helping my friends have caused problems between me and the friends i was trying to help. 19-I like to eat chocolate. 20-I stopped eating chocolate because if i start i can never stop. 21-My favourite color is Navy Blue. 22-I love video games. 23-I spent half my life in university attending lan parties and in network shops. 24-I still spend a lot of time playing PacMan (all versions included + Ms. Pacman). 25-I am 22 years old. 26-My name means the worshipper of God the merciful. 27-I Love god. 28-I don't believe in Relegion. 29-I fast. 30-Although i know most of the beggers in Lebanon are hypocrites, i could never not give them money. 31-When i was a child i always wanted to make video games. 32-I majored in Management Information systems in university to follow that dream. 33-I couldn't follow that dream. 34-I am afraid of being alone. 35-I have a bad habbit of falling in love with girls quickly. 36-My favourite song Hit the road jack - Ray Charles, and anything for the cranberries. 37-Man didn't evolve from an ape, but the earth wasn't created in seven days. 38-Friends are everything to me. 39- I have a tattoo on my back. 40-I want to enlarge the tattoo on my back. 41-I wear an ear ring, but not in Kuwait. 42-I don't like people who brag and talk about themselves. 43-If soemone annoys me i can't bring it up to tell him to stop or move away. 44-Moving to Kuwait has annoyed me a lot. 45-I love kuwait, but the lack of friends is making me hate it. 46-I get attached to people very fast, a lot of people get scared from that. 47-When i am happy i am silent. 48-When i am sad i am very talkative. 49-I like electronic music. 50-I can't do one thing for a long time. 51-I have never been able to finish a book for a long time. 52-I rush into conclusions. 53-Be good to me and i will make your life happy and be there for you whenever you need me. 54-Be bad to me and well i can't do anything to you. 55-Attending an arabic school in kuwait sucked. 56-Attending an american university in Lebanon Rocked. 57-I enjoy science fiction and chick flick movies. 58-I love Dahrma and Greg, The Simpsons, Futurama, and Desperate housewives 59-I love the Double Mushroom and Cheese burger at burger King. 60-I love graffiti. 61-I love Japanese style, fashion and way of life. 62-Favourite Artist is Ian from MacHall (http://www.machall.com) 63-I am like a sleepy sheep when i am drunk. 64-Friends say i am a good drinking companion. 65-My sister died when young when i was young. 66-I don't want a son i want a daughter and i want to call her Carmen. 67-I love to twist and shout. 68-I don't worry i am just happy. 69-My favourite Quote Life is like a box of chocolate , you never know what your gonna get. 70-I have never taken medicine after i was 10. 71-I never broke a part of my body. 72-I have been online since 1994. 73-I have been chatting since 1995. 74-I always wanted to cry, but i was never able to. 75-I can spend weeks not finding something to write. 76-In one hour i can right tons of meaningful stuff. 77-I never been to a rave party. 78-I want to go to rave party. 79-I never go to weddings or funerals. 80-My mom is the most important person in my life. 81-My dad is not my dad he is my friend. 82-I started 3 blogs already. 83-I stopped two blogs and this one is hanging by a thread. 84-I love BMWs . 85-I want to buy a hummer. 86-My dream car is a volks wagen Beetle (the new model plus some alterations). 87-I buy clothes that i am comfortable in. 88-I don't buy clothes because i look good in them. 89-I like collecting sunglasses. 90-My favourite Sungalsses are my original Rayban Aviator sunglasses. 91-I still wear 30 year old aviator sunglasses. 92-I love my family, close and distant. 93-I like to flirt with girls. 94-I like to make girls smile. 95-When girls smile i feel happy. 96-Music i listen to refelect my mood. 97-If i am listening to Linkin park, don't get near me. 98-I love all people. 99-I hate all people. 100- I ran out of ideas:S.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yet another on of those Quizes

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Bleach Character Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Updates to the Blog

Well i am not that much into changing templates and stuff, and i dun think i will ever move to my own hosting, domain or use wordpress or any blogging tools, i just use my blog to share views about my hobbies, see if people are interested and know those people. One thing i always wanted is to be able to have a forum where people from the same country or area with similar hobbies can share their experience and thoughts about it together, we would get to know each other and know more about these hobbies .... so there it is free, it is bulky, and contains some popups ... sorry guys ... but i hope we can put it in good use, that is if anyone decides to post hihihihihihiihihih... anyway have fun the link is on the right under PERSONAL LINKS or you can access it here ..... [link]

Good ol Lan Game days

Ah the good old days in uni, when everynight meant an ongoing war between me and my friends dominating the different maps in Halo, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and the god of all FPS games BattleField.... The cheer sensation of running back to your base carrying the enemy flag in a WWII Jeep followed by tanks , fighters, bombers and a cruiser bombarding u from the sea, it was quite an experience. I want this back hehehe.... anyone in kuwait who enjoys FPS games, e-mail me we will set something up :)

Who said u can't have Metal Gear Solid in Real Life

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Transformers .....

Transformers......... Really, a live action film not a cartoon or anime... OMG i can't believe it ... i was talking with some friends today about movies and anime and they mentioned this subject so i decided to check it online... Apparantly it is going to be produced by Tom DeSanto (X-Men and X2: X-Men United) and Don Murphy (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and the executive producer get this is going to be Steven Spielberg ... how cool is that .... read the full story here

Anime Video Games

Hmmmmmmm Anime is overwhelming the american market ...... Well well what can i say .... Series, movies and now video games... check out this article on Cnn.com . Read More

Anime on Arab News

This is an interesting article that shows the anime revolution's effects on Arabs . Read more

Sunday, September 18, 2005


A friend at work recommended this link and told me to go and check it out, oh my god was it interesting. My all time favourite childhood game of the 80's Pacman ... Is being reincarnated by real people in Manhatten. This project is being developed by NYU's interactive telecommunications graduate program, to explore what happens when you take the games you see on your screens and transfer them into real life. 5 players are used in this game of pacman who are dressed as pacman and 4 ghosts, each player is associated with a controller who has a view of the map and coordinates with the player on where he should go next via cellphone. Players relay their position back to HQ and their controller to update game progress. For more information [link]

Friday, September 16, 2005

Who are you?

Hi people this is kind of cool ... check out which character you are from the Japanese anime Naruto..... naruto
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Test by naruto-kun.com

Anime List

Hi people .... this is my anime list, if anyone wants any movie or series, e-mail me and i will burn it for you on a DVD .....[link]

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In Rome do as the Romans do

Listening to : Acid Jazz- One Starry Night (Funk's Drum n Bass kettle Version) Quote: If a problem has a solution you don't have to worry, if a problem doesn't have a solution then there is no need worrying. Life in Kuwait, well what can i say. So far things have been going ok, i slipped into the routine everyone has slipped to before me. I wake up everyday at 7:00 AM between having a shower, wearing my cloth and grabbing some quick sips of Nescafe and quickly burning a cigi i head to work to later than 7:45 AM, I arrive there at about 8:15 people are telling me that when schools start i will arrive much later, so i'm gonna have to wake up earlier. I enjoy the drive to work, it is soothing and relaxing i can simply doze off anywhere i want to really. By the way there are a lot of hot women on Gulf Road in the morning;) this keeps me from getting bored. Work officially starts at 8:30 but i like to come early i hate hearing anything from anyone about punctuality or anything else like this..... I go in make myself a cup of Nescafe, hook my laptop to the network .... and start checking out my favourite sites, and downloading the new webcomics. at about 9:00 AM work officially starts and from that time till like 1:00 PM i am overwhelmed with work and simply i can't go about doing anything else. At 1:00 it is the usual lunch and well browsing the godness that is the company's servers, strange things u find on there, old mp3's funny movies, pictures, and get this before the company was connected to the net employees used to write word documents and leave them for each other on the server...... Everyday i explore a new thingie.... Well after lunch at 2:00 that is .... work will continue again until 5 PM where i simply pack everything up and drag myselft home.... Once home there is nothing i can really do.. i am to tired to go out, to tired to concentrate on reading, i used to read a lot but right now i can't seem to get myself to finish a book. The only thing i can do is either turn on the PS2 or Desktop PC to play games or ..... Watch TV. Then when my parents come back from there work, we simply have dinner, watch a movie or some TV talk with each other and we all go to sleep.... I need friends lol.... but you got me there, how is it possible to meet new people and getting friends if i work from 9 to 5 every single day, and even if i manage to drag myself after 5 to go sit somewhere or anythin, Kuwait simply ain't Lebanon i can't simply go talk with someone, cos unlike Lebanon where the worst thing happening is her telling me no, it might cause a big scene or something.. I hope this problem is solved soon:S Life .... is a journey ..... Journey my ass :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Graphic Designers Wanted

Designers capable of working with Adope Photoshop, Illustrator and have proven experience in creating websites are needed. If your interested: Please send an e-mail to :abdulraheem@kuwaitnet.net

Monday, September 12, 2005


Everybody wonders what happens after death and pass on to the after life. Will we find heaven, hell, will we be reincarnated or will there be nothing just emptiness. In Bleach death grants its owner entrance to soul society, a peaceful society where people can start a new life. People with grave sins and unfinished business remain floating in our world unseen by many until they are consumed by the reason they are stuck there and then turn into hollows (fallen spirits) which feed on the innocent souls of others.

Ichigo Kurosaki is a 15 year old boy with an attitude, and the ability to see ghosts. This brings trouble one day when he meets a Death God (SHINIGAMI) named Kuchiki Rukia who has the task of hunting hollows. During the confrontation the shinigami’s powers are transferred to Ichigo. Because Rukia needs to wait for a fair amount of time before her powers return to her, she recruits Ichigo on a mission to her hollows as well as other spiritual beings.

Related anime : Bleach-Memories in the Rain (OAV)

Bleach-Rock Musical (Special Musical)

Age Rating: Teenagers ( May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)

Genre Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen, Supernatural

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Angst Technology Geek Test

Since you Guys love cartoons and comics, i will dedicate two days a week to post strips from my collection of webcomics..... Fellow bloggers, any of you attending the bloggers meeting in October will get a copy of my entire web Comic Collection

I hate IPOD

I never quite fully understood all the fuss about the IPOD (Yay a truckload of GB mp3 player). After the first IPOD different versions came out with various storage capacities ranging from 4GB to 40 GB i think. Sure the design is cool and sleek, i prefer the U2 special edition Black and Red IPOD. But come on people, all you need is a shuffle. Who is gonna listen to 40 GB worth of music. The 512 MB Shuffle can hold up to 240 songs, thats 12 hours of continous random song playing. Who is going to listen to music for 12 hours in a row..... And then if you get bored with your song selection simply plug it in and download different songs. Very simple. If you want to listen to music simply buy a shuffle, if you want to look fancy buy the rest lineup. The new Ipod Nano i agree is very hot and sleek, and with more than enough capacity to give it's owner more than enough storage to listen to his/her preferred songs. People be practical.... spending almost 350$ on 40 GB Hardisks with an mp3 built to them.... ripp off. ps: Just for the sake of not being flamed or bashed by MAC fanatics, mp3's from all different manufacturers are targeted by this post.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Last Exile Insights

In a world that resembles 19th century Europe, Claus and Lavie two courier vanship pilots after being entrusted the life of a little girl find themselves onboard the mysterious ship Sylvanna. There they become part of the crew on it's mission to uncover the secrets of the Grand Stream (Grando Streamo in Japanese hihihihihihihi). This is an anime which i really enjoyed, very deep at some points but mostly funny and entertaining. You enter a world of of renaissance europe filled with flying antigravity ships and star shaped alien vehicles. Mostly entertaining, this is something i adivce people new to anime to watch it is very light and at wont let you wondering if you understood the content or not. Age rating: Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence) Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shounen Runtime: 23 Minutes Episodes: 26

Monday, September 05, 2005

Help from Baghdad

Hala Faisal Nude Anti War Protest

Syrian born artist, Hala Faisal, protests the war in Iraq and the occupation of Palestine by appearing in the nude with anti-war slogans written in both English and Arabic, in Washington Square Park Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2005, in New York City. Faisal was arrested by New York City police She is a Syrian-American artist residing in New York city where she paints and teaches art. She has traveled, lived and worked for extended period of times in Paris, Moscow, Damascus and Germany.[link]

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bloggers Meeting

Yesterday was the September’s Bloggers meeting. Also it was my first meeting. I have waited for this since I started my first unsuccessful blog lol. What I was really excited about is finally being able to relate text, views and opinions of bloggers to their personalities. Well a considerable amount of bloggers showed up yesterday and I was able to draw that relationship. They are a nice bunch of people whom you can talk to about anything and everything. Among the Attendees were: Tata Botata Forza 2 contributors from From 3oha Spartan Waiting for next month, and i hope i will be able to meet the other bloggers.