Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Huge Eyes

A lot of people often wonder why characters in anime series always tend to have big eyes. First of all not all anime has the big eye style, but most of it does. No one is 100% sure of the reason but there are some theories about the matter. The first person to use that style was Tezuka Osamu, the creator of the old Astro Boy TV series among various other very popular TV shows that became the foundation for Japan’s entire animation and comic industry. As to where he got the idea some say he was emulating Betty Boop, who was popular at Jpana at the time. Other early US produced animated characters that predate the anime style also have very large eyes (Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse anyone). Another reason is that adults find big eyes cute. The most acceptable of them is that huge eyes help artists depict various human states and emotions, through huge eyes they can help bring out various facial expressions that would better describe the character’s state.


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