Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Final new start

Currently listening to:- nothing My Mood:- Normal Well after 3 blogs, in which i lost interest in all three and sooner or later i stopped posting on them, i decided to blog about something i enjoy. Japanimation condemned by many, loved by a select elite few. And well because i don't think people want to hear my nagging and talking about the new desk i got from IKEA. So why K-Genshiken... Genshiken is an abreviation of the Japanese word Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuukai, translated into english gives Society for the study of modern visual culture. It is also the name of my favourite anime. A 12 episode series about a group of OTAKU (individual who is obsessed with manga, anime, SF, and so forth. The English term would be "fanboy") living out their daily lives doing the things they like, watching anime, playing video games and fantasizing about girls. And the K well, it doesn't take two to figure that out .... it is for Kuwait. So well expect to see me rambling about various topics relating to anime from Fandom topics, to the difference between Subs/Dubs, Otaku, and why those damsn japanese use huge eyes in their animation. Cheeres


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